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The Neon Equinox Table was inspired by a love of sci-fi and its futuristic aesthetic.The incredible luminous qualities of neon acrylic and the play of light that occur within in the table  allows it to glow luminously,  feeding off the light around it and giving it a supernatural feel.

The neon blades appear to float on the crystal-clear transparent frame making it a minimal, sleek piece that would not look out of place in home or gallery. From different angles the neon is projected around the piece and mirrored in the frame, creating stunning effects. As the two neon blades overlap the colours merge giving the table another visual dimension.

Materials – Highly polished acrylic 

L 40cm x D 40cm x H 52cm 
L 15’8 x D15’8 x H 20’5

5.4Kg approx. 

Custom orders are available, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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