About Dio

Dio Davies was born in Paris – France, grew up in London – England and is a Cotswold and Notting Hill based artist and interior designer.

From childhood, the joys of colour, light and materials were picked up from architect and artist parents and Dio’s passion for experimentation has developed into a distinctive personal style, driven by a desire to create interiors, furniture and art that stimulate the people who live in and with her work.

Throughout her design career she has consistently created striking, elegant and unique pieces of contemporary art and furniture to dress her client’s   spaces. Her passion for Pop Art, music and modern materials inspired her to create her own acrylic collections. A love of the reflective, luminous,   neon and ethereal qualities of acrylic – combined with mixed materials such as technicolour pills, crystals, gold leaf, and more - play to her love of the assemblage art genre. One of her well known 4D interactive pieces came to life in the form of the Coral Piano, a perfect combination of all these elements.

Dio Davies has created pieces internationally for leading interior designers and private clients. Her original commissions are conceived, designed and crafted to bring wonder to a space.