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These beautifully hand crafted acrylic trays are designed to bring a flash of colour to the space, whether it be for your dressing table, bar cart, office or coffee table it will be sure to add some magic. This tray is available in a selection of colours - neon collection of blue, green, yellow, orange, pink. Our monochrome palette offers it in Black, White and Clear.

L 20cm x W 10cm x D 2.5cm 
L 7.9" x W 3.9" x H 0.9" 

Product care

How to care for your Trays
To keep them looking their best they can be cleaned with an acrylic safe wipe
and then polished with a microfibre cloth.
Any abrasive surface can damage and scratch the acrylic. Light scratches can
generally be polished out using a microfibre cloth. Any product containing acid
or ammonia could permanently damage the acrylic. Direct heat should also be
The furniture and accessories are not designed for long periods of our door
use not left in direct sunlight. The acrylic should not be left in temperature
below 15 or above 32 degrees.
The pieces are mounted on rubber feet to protect them but in the event they
are dislodged they can easily be replaced.

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