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Inspired by the radiant glow of tropical sunsets this stunning one of a kind coral transparent piano is the perfect marriage of music and art. 

It’s unique colour blends well in to modern and traditional surroundings as it is modern yet soft and elegant. The piano can also be customised to the colour of your choice to suit any space.

The transparent acrylic housing is finely crafted to produce clean lines and its transparency offers an ethereal quality to any space whilst allowing you to see all the workings of the piano moving as it plays.

The piano is hand crafted by one of the finest British bespoke piano makers, with every element considered, to make the piano a superb virtuoso visual experience and a piece of art that is a dream to play.

The invisible self-play system makes this an extraordinary experience - at the touch of a button from your dedicated pre-loaded iPod (included), you can listen to your favourite music brought to life. The piano is fitted with a high-fidelity speaker system allowing you to play backing tracks and vocals, bringing the musicians to you.

The piano has a striking feature that it can be illuminated with a concealed LED system – The piano can glow in the dark whilst playing your favourite music.

The internal coral structure of the piano can be created in custom colours as shown below in a pale lilac. We have also had the pleasure of many well known clients - and players including Jack Savoretti pictured here playing our coral piano. 

The piano is made to order.


L 151cm x D 68 cm x H 122 cm
L 59.4” x D 26.7” x H 48.0”
280 Kg
Product Care

It is important that you take good care of your piece to keep it in is best condition. It is recommended that you use a microfibre polishing cloth and or a non-abrasive paper towel. Most cleaning products contain ammonia which is an acid that can damage your piece and so we recommend using acrylic friendly products such as Vuplex or similar.

Do not place your piece on a rough surface as this can cause scratches. If a rubber foot pad should come off, they can be replaced with similar new ones found at most hardware shops or online.

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